Additional Services


At Clover Community Bank, banking doesn't just stop at accounts and loans. We offer our hard-working customers a wide variety of supplemental services to add ease to their banking lives — online, by phone, in-branch, and beyond.

Telephone Banking

If you don’t have a computer or internet access, you can still get your basic banking done through Telebanking, our 24-hour telephone access system. To get started with Telebanking, you will need a PIN. Call a customer service representative today to get your Telebanking PIN and dial away.

To access Telebanking, dial (803) 222-2265 on a touch-tone phone.  

Wire Transfers

Move money across the county, state, country, or even the world with ease. We offer our customers domestic and international wire transfer capabilities. It’s a convenient, fast and reliable method of delivering funds to anywhere in the world.

Notary Service

We offer notary services at any of our convenient locations for a nominal fee. Please call ahead to confirm availability. 

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes are a private, secure, fireproof place to store your valuable items. They are available in our Main Office and the Lake Wylie Branch. Different sizes offered based upon availability.

Direct Deposit

Your payroll, Social Security, pension, or any other recurring payment can be directly deposited into your Clover Community Bank checking or savings account. You don’t have to carry a check into a branch or worry about your checks being lost in the mail or stolen. Not only will you have peace of mind, you’ll save time too.

Merchant Check Verification

Merchants can use our 24 hour telephone banking system for check verification. Call (803) 222-BANK (2265), select your language of choice, then choose option 3. To verify funds on a check, you must have the account number and amount of the check. Any check over $5,000 will need to be verified by a bank representative: please call (803) 222-7660.

Order Checks Online

Easily reorder checks online without an extra trip to a branch. Visit our secure online vendor, Harland Clarke, to get started.    

Coin Counting Machines

We offer coin counting machines at both of our locations. You can bring your mixed loose coins and simply pour them into the machine. Within minutes, all your coins are counted and sorted and a receipt is printed for you to collect the cash. This service is free to all account holders and also available to non-account holders for a fee.